The Greek word “théke” means a “box” and “chest”. It was used to store precious and useful items, but too fragile to move them from one place to another without protection – for example the dulcimer. Today, we use a file for our drawings and documents, observations and opinions in writing, as well as questions and reflections. Notes to a lecture. An editorial file includes printouts ready for publication.
    TeKa reflection file is a series of meetings to gain insight into the most previous observations and opinions. Meetings which help us hear what is yet to be published. A reflection file are lectures and stories from eminent representatives of the Polish intelligentsia and our outstanding friends. Today we prefer philosophy, history, literature, art or social sciences to the dulcimer.

    Tomasz Kopoczyński (TK) welcomes all attendees.

  • Adam Lipszyc

    Adam Lipszyc

    On 17 January 2014, on the first snowy evening of this year’s winter, Tomasz Kopoczyński Law Company

  • Mariusz Bryl

    Mariusz Bryl

    The fourth and last meeting from “Arts and nations” cycle took place on 29th November 2013. We hosted professor Mariusz Bryl from the Institute

  • Andrzej Szczerski

    Andrzej Szczerski

    Author of the third lecture from „Arts and nations” cycle, professor Andrzej Szczerski, was already known to participants of TeKa refleksji. Prominent critic

  • Dariusz Konstantynów

    Dariusz Konstantynów

    The second celebrity invited by Jacek Friedrich was Dariusz Konstantynów, PhD, lecturer of art history on the University of Gdańsk. The title of his speech

  • Tadeusz Żuchowski

    Tadeusz Żuchowski

    The first edition of “Arts and nations” cycle constituted in a meeting with professor Tadeusz Żuchowski, director of the Institute of History

  • Kazimiera Szczuka

    Kazimiera Szczuka

    On 22 October 2013 TeKa refleksji invited its guests to a meeting on the crossroads of literature and history.

  • Piotr Kłoczowski

    Piotr Kłoczowski

    Another season with TeKa refleksji began with a strong accent – meeting with Deputy Director of Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature

  • Janusz Górski

    Janusz Górski

    The protagonist of our last TeKa refleksji meeting before holiday break was professor Janusz Górski...

  • Zbigniew Mikołejko

    Zbigniew Mikołejko

    After exceptionally long, almost six weeks long break, participants of TeKa refleksji meetings gathered in Manor of Sierakowscy for another spring lecture. Its protagonist was

  • Marek Bieńczyk

    Marek Bieńczyk

    24 April 2013 theManor of Sierakowscy was filled with guests expecting to meet one of the most renowned polish writers – Marek Bieńczyk.

  • Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg

    Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg

    The speaker on meeting on 10 April 2013 was prof. Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg

  • Igor Hałagida

    Igor Hałagida

    This time professor Kizik invited to Manor of Sierakowscy Igor Hałagida

  • Andrzej Nowak

    Andrzej Nowak

    Meeting with the second guest of professor Edmund Kizik perfectly suited the title of the entire series: Why do we need history?

  • Peter Oliver Loew

    Peter Oliver Loew

    The first guest of professor Kizik was Peter Oliver Loew

  • Anna Chęćka-Gotkowicz

    Anna Chęćka-Gotkowicz

    On 13th February 2013 Tomasz Kopoczyński Law Firm together with its guests moved a TeKa refleksji meeting to a new location: legendary Manor of Sierakowscy...

  • Paweł Sitkiewicz

    Paweł Sitkiewicz

    The Guests of our Office are often historians – historians of ideas, historians of literature, historians tout court. On 25 January 2013 second lecture of a historian...

  • Paweł Smoleński

    Paweł Smoleński

    On 6 December 2012, aficionados of quality reportage were in for a real treat: the Law Firm invited a Gazeta Wyborcza journalist...

  • Agata Bielik-Robson

    Agata Bielik-Robson

    On the autumn evening of November 7th, 2012, the Office was visited by professor Agata Bielik-Robson from the Institute of Pfilosophy and Sociology.

  • Andrzej Stasiuk

    Andrzej Stasiuk

    On October 10th, 2012, another one of our cyclical meetings was held in a special place – the Abbots’ Palace in Gdańsk Oliwa.

  • Father Andrzej Draguła

    Father Andrzej Draguła

    On 24th August 2012, we had the opportunity to listen to what cannot be called a lecture, but rather a discussion.

  • Daniel Passent

    Daniel Passent

    On 20th June 2012 our guest was Daniel Passent – a living legend of Polish journalism, a longtime editor of "Polityka" magazine...

  • Krzysztof Kornacki

    Krzysztof Kornacki

    On 17the May 2012, during the 37th Polish Film Festival, and a week before his habilitation colloquium, we were visited by Krzysztof Kornacki...

  • Adam Michnik

    Adam Michnik

    On 27th April 2012 our firm was honored by the presence of Adam Michnik, a journalist, essayist, writer, historian, political activist...

  • Krzysztof Buchowski

    Krzysztof Buchowski

    Friday 13th April 2012, was not an unlucky day for the firm. On the contrary, our staff and friends had a unique opportunity...

  • Anda Rottenberg

    Anda Rottenberg

    On 22nd March 2012 an extraordinary meeting with art was held. Anda Rottenberg was our guest. She is an art historian, critic...

  • Klaus Bachmann

    Klaus Bachmann

    On 9th March 2012 the firm’s guest was professor Klaus Bachmann - historian, political scientist, essayist and former German correspondent in...

  • Marcin Król

    Marcin Król

    The lecture on 29th February 2012 was entitled “Too much or too little of politics?” Unusually, the meeting took place in the middle...

  • Małgorzata Omilanowska

    Małgorzata Omilanowska

    On 23rd February 2012, the staff and guests of Tomasz Kopoczyński’s law firm travelled in time - mostly to the nineteenth century...

  • Bogdan Wojciszke

    Bogdan Wojciszke

    On 3rd February 2012 our firm hosted the undisputed star of Polish psychology, the dean of the Sopot School of Social Sciences, professor Bogdan...

  • Andrzej Szczerski

    Andrzej Szczerski

    On 23rd November 2011, the office staff and guests had an opportunity to listen to a lecture dedicated to the architecture of the interwar...

  • Tomasz Swoboda

    Tomasz Swoboda

    To reach our office for the meeting on 15th April 2011, our guest didn’t have to travel far. On that day, the lecture was delivered by Thomas...

  • Robert Krasowski

    Robert Krasowski

    On 7th October 2011, in the usual venue of the conference room belonging to our neighbours from Chipolbrok, the third meeting in the ...

  • Rafał Ohme

    Rafał Ohme

    On 10th June 2011 the lecture of our guest was not held as usual at the registered office of our friend company, Chipolbrok, but in the...

  • Piotr Laskowski

    Piotr Laskowski

    The lecture on 21st October 2011 was delivered by Piotr Laskowski - archeology graduate of the University of Warsaw, an assistant...

  • Jarosław Kurski

    Jarosław Kurski

    On 23rd September 2011, Jarosław Kurski, a journalist, writer, deputy editor-in-chief of "Gazeta Wyborcza" newspaper, was our guest speaker...

  • Cezary Michalski

    Cezary Michalski

    On 30th September 2011, we were visited by Cezary Michalski, an opinion journalist, essayist, and most recently a columnist in...

  • Bogumiła Toczyska

    Bogumiła Toczyska

    Bogumiła Toczyska visited our legal firm on 3rd December 2010. The author of the monograph "Głośno i wyraźnie, 9 lekcji dobrego mówienia”...