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   The second celebrity invited by Jacek Friedrich was Dariusz Konstantynów, PhD, lecturer of art history on the University of Gdańsk. The title of his speech – „Between Slavophilism and occidentalism” – referred to Russian art against nationality issue. As befits exemplary academic lecture, the audience was first lectured on the outline of Russian history, to subsequently hear and see development of Russian art and architecture in chronological order, from 18th to the beginning of 20th century. Dr Konstantynów highlighted, among others, tension between classicism and historicism, including rise of the so-called neo-russian style. The tension was visible both in painting and in artistic craft or architecture – and it is in this last domain where the native character analyzed by our guest prevailed most distinctly. Best examples were taken from Petersburg, where consecutive tendencies – not only artistic but also ideological ones – are probably most visible. Attention of audience which filled the hall of Manor of Sierakowscy was also caught by a little-known “northern orientation” of Russian modernism, constituting in an attempt to determine own identity by parallels with the art of Scandinavian.