On 20th June 2012 our guest was Daniel Passent – a living legend of Polish journalism, a longtime editor of "Polityka" magazine. The honor and pleasure was doubled by the presence of Marta Dobromirska-Passent, the director of the Agnieszka Osiecka Okularnicy Foundation who sat in the audience. The lecture by the distinguished columnist was based around his latest book called Passa, in which the author, with his usual eloquence, tells the story of his own life against the background of political and cultural changes in the People's Republic of Poland and the independent Poland.
Daniel Passent mostly elaborated on his childhood and youth: his university course in the Soviet Union and the first steps in the world of journalism. We could learn about the true picture of press reality, what clever strategies editors had to employ when running magazines - due to the existence of censorship –and what moral dilemmas they had to face in order to keep professional integrity. The whole talk was presented with passion, sense of humor and a huge dose of self-irony so characteristic of our guest.