Sheltered from the summer rain under the roofs of the hospitable hall in Chipolbrok, on 24th August 2012, we had the opportunity to listen to what cannot be called a lecture, but rather a discussion between Father Andrzej Draguła and the editor, Zbigniew Nosowski. The discussion focused on the new publication by Father Draguła, a prominent journalist and a professor at the University of Szczecin, eloquently titled - Copyright to Jesus. Language, sign, ritual between faith and unbelief. Zbigniew Nosowski, the editor-in-chief of "Więź" magazine, prepared a special choreography for the occasion. Having placed chairs on both sides of a table, once he portrayed the role of a conservative critic, and then a role of a left-wing supporter. Attacked from both sides, the Author strongly refuted allegations, stating his purpose as highlighting problems and allowing people to make decisions. In the eyes of Father Andrzej Draguła, the world is not black and white, and therefore a rationally thinking theologian must be "for or even against." He is to give tools to facilitate thinking and not to think for others. Discussing such topics as contemporary blasphemy and secularization, Father Draguła emphasized that in all the disputes, the point should not be about the games of civilization and culture, but about the salvation of men.


Andrzej Stasiuk demurred at having os which he could want to pass to his readers. He defined himself first of all as a writer – observer who has several personal matters to settle with this (but also with the other) world. He talked about his journeys to the East, which keeps fascinating and terrifying him – it is that topic that is to be the subject matter of his next book.
      The already mentioned new formula of the meetings did not let the Guest to free himself from our company immediately after the interview. The meeting was continued at the Restaurant at the Abbots’ Palace, where further debates and discussions were led in a cocktail atmosphere.