On 23rd September 2011, Jarosław Kurski, a journalist, writer, deputy editor-in-chief of "Gazeta Wyborcza" newspaper, was our guest speaker. The participants of the meeting, holding the biography of Lech Walesa in their hands, had the opportunity to listen to a lecture which significantly extended beyond the subject of this most famous book by Jaroslaw Kurski. Mentioning the views and attitudes of such figures as Raymond Aron, Jan Nowak Jeziorański, Aleksander Hall or Adam Michnik, our guest outlined not only his own views, but also presented a broad context for contemporary events in Poland. Jaroslaw Kurski focused on the last two decades, confronting them with the ideals of the "Solidarity" movement and the history of Polish - and not only Polish - political and social ideas. The meeting finished with an intense debate between Jarosław Kurski and Jacek Merkel, a former member of the "Solidarity" movement and the Lech Walesa campaign manager in the 1990 elections.