Friday 13th April 2012, was not an unlucky day for the firm. On the contrary, our staff and friends had a unique opportunity to listen to a gripping lecture which then spurred a heated debate among the participants. "The Meanders of the Polish-Lithuanian relations in the twentieth and twenty-first century" - was the title of the lecture by professor Krzysztof Buchowski from the Institute of History and Political Science at the University of Białystok.
Professor Buchowski, the co-founder of the Forum for Polish-Lithuanian Dialogue and the author of “Litwomani i polonizatorzy” (“ “) a book awarded by "Polityka" political magazine, explained the  complicated relationship between Poland and Lithuania in the last hundred years, dispelling many myths which were created with reference to this difficult issue. In a very concise and clear way, our guest presented the next steps in developing that relationship, showing in particular the complexity of the factors which have an impact on it, including the hard life of the Lithuanians themselves, who were often subject to a variety of historical processes rather than had a real impact on what was happening to their native land. The discussion afterwards obviously focused on the latest developments, the undeniable deterioration of relations between our countries, as well as on the possible ways out of the impasse.