Another season with TeKa refleksji began with a strong accent – meeting with Deputy Director of Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature in Warsaw, curator of the Institute of Documentation and Studies on Polish Literature, lecturer of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, editor of “Biblioteka Mnemosyne” in “słowo/obraz terytoria” publishing house, in years 2001–2005 advisor of Minister of Culture Waldemar Dąbrowski: it is hard to imagine that all those functions were or still are performed by a single person – Piotr Kłoczowski.


   What induced us to listen to the lecture of our guest was another publication the good sprit of which was Piotr Kłoczowski, namely Ścieżki by Bohdan Paczowski (Mrs Majewska brought fresh copies of the book from print before they even reached bookstores). Basing on this work and his acquaintance with the author, Piotr Kłoczowski reflected upon Polish literature and culture, revealing episodes unknown to general public and indicating places crucial for its development. One of those spots, and at the same time scene of amazing biographical crossroads, was small Italian town of Chiarivari, where Paczowscy hosted meetings of Gombrowicz with Mrożek and Jeleński. During the lecture of our guest, unique photos form that period served as guidelines on winding paths of southern Europe that obviously led to Rome. It was with a tale of this city and its treasures that Piotr Kłoczowski finished his lecture, encouraging the audience to observe modern world in a reflective and tasteful manner.