The lecture on 21st October 2011 was delivered by Piotr Laskowski - archeology graduate of the University of Warsaw, an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Bioethics at the Jagiellonian University, co-founder and first director of the Jacek Kuroń Multicultural Secondary School in Humanities and the author of “Szkice z dziejów anarchizmu” (“The sketches of the history of anarchism”). Our guest’s vast horizons of interests were reflected in the topic of his lecture: "Community, syndicate, association - alternative forms of social self-organization." Starting with the tradition of nineteenth-century anarchism, Piotr Laskowski talked about the various ways in which smaller and larger groups of people were created - about the opposition to the neo-liberal model of democracy which, according to our philosopher speaker, does not have to be unrivaled in modern times. The thought of Giorgio Agamben and the book by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri called “Multitudes” were the context in which Piotr Laskowski placed the latest events in Egypt, Tunisia and Spain. During the refreshing and brilliantly delivered lecture, the author of his recently published book on Georges Sorel did not hide his concern, as well as hope about the social grassroots initiatives, which he presented as a chance to break the monopoly of the weakening of the state and the growing corporate power.