On 10th June 2011 the lecture of our guest was not held as usual at the registered office of our friend company, Chipolbrok, but in the equally hospitable walls of the Witold Gombrowicz Municipal Theatre. The lecture, illustrated by an impressive multimedia presentation, was delivered by professor Rafał Ohme - an expert in the psychology of persuasion, emotion and subconsciousness, the author of numerous works in the field of neuroscience, including a book “Podprogowe informacje mimiczne “ (“Subliminal facial information”). The impressive title of the lecture - "The subconscious navigator of behaviour. Can intuition be trusted?"- hid a very important question, namely: what is our behaviour driven by? Professor Ohme spoke about the key role of the subconscious understood as the continuous brain processes of latent memory, automatic attention and unconscious perception. According to the professor, the nature of our mind can be summarized with a simple statement: "I do not know that I know." During the presentation we had the opportunity to learn about a number of examples of how the subconscious affects us at home, at work, on the street, and how it is used in advertising and show business.