On 7th October 2011, in the usual venue of the conference room belonging to our neighbours from Chipolbrok, the third meeting in the series of "Columnists visit Kopoczyński" took place. This time, our guest was Robert Krasowski, a historian of philosophy, essayist and publisher, co-founder of such newspapers as "Życie" ("Life"), "Fakt" ("Fact") and "Dziennik Polska-Europa-Świat" ("Poland-Europe-World Journal"), and currently the co-owner of "Czerwone i Czarne" ("Red and Black" Publishers). Our guest’s speech was entitles "The political method of Donald Tusk," but the title was only a starting point to a broad reflection on the political events in Poland in the past twenty five years. The participants had the opportunity to discover what went on behind the scenes of the famous "war at the top", and to find out why Robert Krasowski considers Lech Walesa to be the most important politician of that period in Poland. Meeting with Krasowski, the President of the Immanuel Kant Foundation, provided a unique insight into the world of politics through the eyes of a philosopher, who was at one time a parliamentary correspondent and whose sober diagnosis - partly presented at the lecture in Gdynia – are his inspiration for his original work on the history of the Third Republic.